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Tune in to ADA Tv

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Picture this (yes, it is a tv pun, but focus, I am trying to tell you a story).

It is 1906, and a young couple living in a small log cabin near Beaver, Utah is about to have their first baby. (Aww).

Fast-forward to August 19, 1906, little Philo Taylor Farnsworth is born. The Farnsworth family would grow over the years, with the addition of four more children. Six people living in a log house with no electricity. (Yikes).

In 1918, the family moved to a larger home in Idaho, and 14-year-old Philo, is finally experiencing and enjoying a home with electricity. Philo, proving to be the curious kid, was a quick study and an even quicker student grasping mechanical and electrical technology. He also excelled in physics and chemistry.

Let us pause for a moment. (Yup, it’s another pun, roll your eyes, I don’t care).


This kid is impressive. He spends the first 14 years of his life, living without electricity. From age 14 on he is electrifyingly awesome. The family moves to Utah, and in 1923, while Philo he is in high school his father dies. (This is so sad).

Philo takes on the responsibility for sustaining his family all while finishing high school. This kid is remarkable. Honestly, the accomplishments of this kid, are too expansive to consolidate in this blog. Thankfully, Wikipedia has all those details.

Here's one with a face

Back to the story

San Francisco, September 7,1927. 21-year-old, Philo Tyler Farnsworth has successfully demonstrated electronic television!

What were you doing when you were 21? If you were drinking, then “Hey, me too!”

I don’t ever do chemistry, or physics, or math on purpose, and most definitely not when I could enjoy a cocktail legally in the states.

I don’t even mess with electrical, mechanical, technical; way to intellectual, not enough spatial cortex real estate in my head, for instructional color by number guides.

Let’s be real, your head is spinning just reading my last Maria-Nacular (Maria vernacular, keep up, I’m strange, not stupid).

Why, have I just given you this back story?

Simple, we are consumers. We consume information, and on occasion alcohol, but that’s beside the point.

As consumers, we have enjoyed countless benefits, from great minds and inventors, who have transformed our lives incomprehensibly. I say this, because we are so great at consuming that it’s easy for our self-control to go unchecked.

It is that very reason, and notion that inspired the art and the idea behind ADA TV. The concept that over consumption can lead to harmful outcomes and affect mental health.

Oh, the Telly, the boob tube, you, magical picture box, with colorful motion and sounds, entertaining homes and minds across the world. As with all great things comes the bad. (Frozen tv dinners, couch potatoes, the disappearance of the remote control, “that was right there, just a second ago”.)

Since its debut ADA TV has come under the new ownership of NFT Creative, $NFTC

A magical picture box
System overload

Originally ADA TV minted on April 20, 2022 for 40 ADA, and 10% of the mint proceeds pledged to be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI).

The artwork done by Jeff Dundrum is amazing and his subtle references to toxic content and the effects on mental health are captured in a few scandalous traits (uh hum, lube, for glory…effects of adult graphic content rubbing off the wrong way).

NFT Creative, respects and recognizes the challenges of Mental Health, and is now donating 25% of the proceeds earned from the mint to NAMI. Public mint is January 7th with a mint price of 40 ADA.

Latest posts
Hall of Fame – December
What is good
WarDogs NFT mission
Hall of Fame - November