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What is good

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Humor me as I attempt to deconstruct the sense of alarm and dubious nature I experience navigating through crypto projects. (One hand is holding a match to start a fire, while the other hand is palm side open to smack some common sense).

I make no claims to be an expert, nor am I an unerring source of information. If you’re here to pick apart the mind-blowing article you’re about to read, you’re wasting your time.

The following are my own personal thoughts and opinion of a quiet problem, I believe is polluting the Cardano NFT space.

There appears to have been a divorce from reality and common sense recently

We have a system of errors that we have incorporated into our basic way of thinking, feeling and living in the wonderful world of crypto. We have become ignorant.

We live and operate on a system based on trust, but, who and what are we trusting? There is a growing deformation of moral psychology. A failure to question and re-evaluate self-evident facts about the morals of project founders.

The value of the things we value as it relates to projects and their founders needs to be examined

What are the conditions and the circumstances under which these “values” were developed, and the changes sought or the conditions at which the determination of value was given?

What are the defining criteria of good?

How do we determine the fullest potential of a project if we do not know what the minimum is or even what the regressive is?

If the remotest information is only available, then how can you ever make an informed decision, if you don’t even know who you are trusting let alone who and how value was determined in the first place?

Go ahead, read that again. Yes, it’s rhetorical, but it should help to spark those free-thinking brain cells, which have been dulled and muted. If this is your first time reading anything I’ve written, you might want to chase this with a bourbon. My idiosyncrasy and tendency to introduce a pedagogical task is, Mariatastic.

What is good?

What is good?

In my opinion, “good”, has been misplaced. A project is no longer good from the perspective of those that goodness has been shown, instead it has been for the good of the project(s) founders. A Project that benefits from their community as opposed to communities that benefit from the project. This has become the “good.”

Controversial, I know, but hear me out before you scoff

There is little to almost no interest it seems in discovering the truth behind the projects we buy into or the people who founded them. Free thinking sovereign individuals with morals who boldly ask a question are met with hostility. Don’t believe me?

This mass adoption of shared thought and communal praise for a united belief that encourages submission of independent thought or inquisitive minds to produce a herd mentality and oppressed community is best displayed when the following happens.

This example is based on a no named project that may or may not exist. Again, I’m not all knowing, infallible or unerring. I’m merely encouraging you, my dear reader, to think

A project founder makes promises to his community that the project will reward holders with shared profits from sales. A treasury token is minted and advertised with additional profit sharing for nft holders shortly after the initial mint. The project expands with additional “income source” streams of farming, and the community once again is promised a return of profit sharing. The project adds the launch of a “lucrative tool or app” that dangles in the face of it’s devout and brainwashed community months later that again, promises to fill their pockets with profit sharing. Time continues to pass, and not 1 ADA has been distributed to the loyal community still drinking the poison of “promises.’ A year approaches and the community is still mindlessly waiting for something to happen, yet nothing does.

Let’s assume that someone finally had 2 brain cells collide and they think to themselves “hmm it’s been a year, and not one promise has been met. Not one claim made was ever delivered.

Maria turning into a skeleton

The only thing that has happened is that this project has become a parasite, and you are the willing host funding it

It is blaringly obvious that we have reached a critical point, where we need to start asking questions. When did asking a question become slanderous or fud?

The more resistance I am met with the more stimulated my curiosity becomes. I’m struggling to understand how so many people can abandon common sense

Notice how quickly a descent from good is met with unbridled prejudice and hatred from project founders that gave themselves names to suggest superiority, expertise, self-professed wealth or power. Followed by malice, vulgarity and deceit.

Maria found a filter

The danger to the actual danger is knowing. Once you know the truth and can see through the bullshit, the danger in knowing the truth is where the silence of the masses is born. Knowledge in the face of rejection of self is favored over the rejection of the masses and the self-appointed narcissists masking themselves as some democratic innovators declaring themselves to be “good”.

Defining good now becomes bad when we put a standard degree of reason to it. This is the moral decay that is perverting communities. We have somehow become convinced to surrender our ability to think for ourselves, and instead obligingly trust others to scrutinize what is good vs bad for us and our money.

Good and bad no longer have any bearing on social standing. There seems to be no affect on those that are guilty of committing the most unethical and undefendable offenses against the misappropriation of trust, the abuse of power, or the abuse of conscience through self-exemption and self-appointment of being the “good” project founder.

Ok, I’ve had my fun of intellectualism aka Maria-lectualism. It’s time for me to go ghetto. I’m not above it. I might be cute (self-proclaimed) but I’m down to throw some verbal punches

Warning, if you’re under 18, or have been homeschooled by zealots, are uncomfortable with some grown up swear words, and are unfamiliar with sarcasm, stop reading.

Everyone else, shit is about to get real.

Here is my challenge to you. Ask yourself this and be honest

Who the fuck is (inset any asshole) to decide what you do, how you spend your time, your money, what you can and can not say, and what you are allowed to sell your assets for? How many of you are in a cult like community where you are under some form of duress, willingly, with no reward? Where your movements are stalked, and your dm’s are a means for a project founder to pressure you or harass you? A community you are too scared to leave because you fear some form of retribution.

Wake the fuck up. You have the money. You are in control of your faculty. You are responsible for yourself and your decisions. You are not responsible for, nor do you exist for the sole benefit of some self-appointed asshole to dictate over you. They cannot exist without you. That is the truth. Unless you truly are incapable of independent thought, enjoy getting lied to, and defrauded by criminals, have no understanding of morals, ethics or humanity, and enjoy being belittled, berated, and demeaned, then fuck, you are just as much a sickness to which there is no better love story than for you to stay with your parasitic project.

For the rest of you, ask yourself who the fuck are you handing your money over to? Are they really good people? Does being around them elevate you and have a positive social impact or have you noticed that the only good that can be gleamed from the project is the goodness that you bring?

Ghetto Maria

Maybe if people stopped silently allowing the fraud to occur, less of it would be so prevalent. I will never endorse a project or a project founder if I know them to have harmed, defrauded, misled, misappropriated, stolen, abused, harassed, or intentionally threatened to cause harm to anyone. Worst of all if they have done this to “friends” “partners” or community members.

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