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About the project

Our collection is based on a group of mad alchemists, often found concocting something dangerously magnificent in the darkest and dingiest corners of underground laboratories. With a variety of assets deriving from ‘famous scientists’, brewing up something special should not be too difficult! From Tweed Suits to Inter-Dimensional Glasses, our Alchemists are going to bring something new to the Cardano Blockchain.

Key Points from our Lab Map

🧫 2222 Collection of Alchemists — Minting on the 8th September 2022
🧫 Airdropped potions that will enable a ‘dynamic mutation’
🧫 50% Royalties rewarded back to holders every week
🧫 Development of our Labs (Including tradable assets — All in current production) that will springboard holders into our Web3 Game



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