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Mutation Nation V1 Mint Dates

– Canopy Club V1 Starts on 9/24/22 for 24 Hours 39 ADA
– Jungle Club V1 Starts on 9/25/22 for 24 Hours 49 ADA
– General V1 Starts on 9/26/22 for 24 Hours 59 ADA
– All Ranks Resume on 9/27/22 Indefinitely 69ADA

Mutation Nation V2 Mint Dates

– Canopy Club V2 Starts on 10/01/22 for 24 Hours 39 ADA
– Jungle Club V2 Starts on 10/02/22 for 24 Hours 49 ADA
– General V2 Starts on 10/3/22 for 24 Hours 59 ADA
– All Ranks 10/4/22 Indefinitely 69 ADA

Mutation Nation V3 Mint Dates

Will be announced in October 2022




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