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Apex kingdom is an art-centered Cardano-based NFT project striving to be the world’s greatest community. It is a project rooted in excellence, transparency, generosity, and by putting others before ourselves.

For people new to this space this is what we are doing:
We are building a platform to provide an expedited service to investing in NFTs & assets alike. Removing barriers like joining a discord, setting-up a non-exchange wallet, and properly sending a tx for the first time. A platform that will be a one stop shop for an introduction and entrance to the newcomers of the crypto and NFT world.

For people already invested in the space this is what we are doing:
You can earn our $apx token one of three ways. One, each asset minted will earn a certain amount of our token. Secondly, you can stake our amazing pfp NFTs from day one and earn our token during these staking periods. Lastly, you can purchase our token using ADA. This token will give you an opportunity to bid on or purchase special 1/1 NFTs in our collection or any pieces of our cNFT project collaboration collections. We will also have a platform/marketplace where you can auction off and sell your cNFTs from any project using our token as well.



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