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Battle Alliance is an NFT alliance on the Cardano blockchain hosted by BattleCats team. All NFTs are hand drawn and digitally colored, each one with love and great passion.
BattleCats is the first cat NFT project on Cardano and one of the first projects in general. Every NFT is hand drawn, no script used. Launched in 3 series, 3050 NFTs + 75 custom made Mutated BatlleCats, sold out.
Last Guardian, a project we have taken over. Limited supply to 410 NFTs.
BattleDogs are a sequel to the story of BattleCats. Only 2995 original and unique NFTs will be released in 2 series + 75 custom made Mutated BattleDogs.
Battle Alliance is developing an action P2E, turn-based multiplayer strategy game with NFT implementation. Distribution of in-game tokens in partnership with Revuto.



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