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Bunny’s World is a project with potential to become one of the most cool-looking art in CNFT space. But what is more important for #CNFT is that our team is going to create something very unique and special.

Phase 1
Included building and creating our social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram and also the opening of Bunny’s World Discord server which culminated with more than 2,000 members joining on the first 2 days. As you can see on the roadmap our first goal is to build a well designed website for the project. We are working on this and soon we will publish the official Bunny’s World website and believe us that it is. Of course that the most important thing for a project to succeed is the community, we know for sure that Bunny’s World community is going to be one of the strongest communities in the whole CNFT space because we are sure that CNFT community knows how to value the art. As we said before, we are not rushing for the mint to happen, soon we will announce the correct mint date with the details. THE 10,000 ADA AIRDROP TO BUNNY’S WORLD TOP 1K HOLDERS – What does it means ? – We will airdrop 10k worth of ADA to Bunny’s World holders that will hold a Bunny within 1-1000 rank. The amount of ADA airdropped will be different and will depend from the rank of the NFTs. For example, if you hold the rank #123 normally that you will receive more ADA than someone who holds rank #670.



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