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What is Carda Clash? Carda Clash is a blockchain multiplayer Play To Earn game, In the game every player will have a field that the participants must protect in order to win the tournaments. The game will have 5 characters: Archer, Magician, Knight, Pirate, Orc (Free To Play). The goal of the game will be to protect the area with your heroes. There are few options for Carda Clash game types:

1VS1 – Must have at least 5 characters.
3VS3 – Must have at least 3 characters.
5VS5 – Must have at least 1 characters.


– Launch Carda Clash Socials Discord/Twitter ✅
– Community Events ✅
– Marketing Phase ✅
– Partnerships/Collaborations ✅
– Release Website ✅
– Release Whitepaper ✅
– Increase the marketing team. ✅

Phase 1:

– First Public sale of Carda Clash Characters ✅
– Staff expansion ✅
– First Public sale of Carda Clash Lands
– Limited airdrop to land holders & Characters holders
– Increase the software development team

Phase 2:

– Development of the Eco System and Staking pool
– Native Token introduced
– First Public sale of Carda Clash heroes.
– Token Dex listing

Phase 3:

– Community Competitions & Tournaments
– Announce VIP Airdrop details
– NFT Sale Mounts
– Mobile Game Update
– Android/IOS(Testnet)
– Launch Carda Clash Play2Earn platform on Cardano blockchain



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