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Cardano Villa Special Edition Drop – Hold our previous collection to get special discount! 3D Models to deploy in your metaverse plots with customization, uniqueness & utilities Max Supply 700 NFTs



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Neckless Rubber Ones

Project focused on delivering utility and supporting artists. Our NFT stake can be improved by opening treasure boxes, as this will be implemented and improved over time.

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Cardano Fight Club

Welcome to the Cardano Fight Club!

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Nyan nyan

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Consciousness and quantum mechanics unite!

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HAND Collection by Jordi

A collection of 88 NFTs, all digitally sculpted. Collabs with some of the most respected artists on the CNFT space. Available on auctions at Discord.

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Sacred Sapiens

An evolutionary 3D pfp CNFT Project, pushing boundaries on what is possible with 3D art on a large NFT drop.

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JPG Junkies

JPG Junkies are a collection of 6000 NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) that are made up of over 150 unique traits designed by Digital Pencil.

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Jellycubes by the BIG

We are the block