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Yummy Cupcakes want to deliver useful real life utility, great art, and a strong community with us.



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Sacred Sapiens

An evolutionary 3D pfp CNFT Project, pushing boundaries on what is possible with 3D art on a large NFT drop.

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Block Bones

6969 Block Bones have been exhumed from their resting place. They will wander the main net until they find a wallet worth eternal resting inside of.

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Somatic Mind

When you purchase a Somatic Mind NFT, you own the NFT. Subject to ownership, you are granted a royalty-free license to use, reproduce and display your NFT for both personal and commercial use.

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Genki Wars

Our community will become one of the pioneers in 3D collectibles and utilities with custom minting on website, marketplace and more.

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Dropout Crypto Gang: Y3K Collection

D.C.G. Y3K (Year 3000) NFTs are futuristic avatars of the main Dropouts.

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Blurry Kits Lounge - V.I.K Pass

B-K-L is the next player on the cardano blockchain Building a strong and loyal community is our goal! Discord:

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Paddle Gang Authorization Cards

Platypus Cyberpunk’s mission is to leverage Cardano blockchain technology to revolutionize what it means to invest in real estate.

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Animated portraits of angels imagined by AI.