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About the project


– finalizing traits & overall design
– website & blockchain development

Precise design and clean lines mean everything to the Chubbers team. As we finalise our main characters and their respective traits, we will work and execute perfecting our blockchain development.

– grow social channels & slowly grow discord
– activate strategic partnerships with like-minded celebrities, nft projects & their founders
– discord giveaways & games for our current members
– add unique value props for our discord members

Chubbers mint will include a total of 3,333 entirely unique pieces of art. We will continue to grow a community while our development team builds the best experience possible. Mint date TBA


We like to give back to our supporters, so we will be constantly hosting giveaways which will only be available to our Holders.

Physical NFT’s
Holders will be able to own a 1:1 Chubbers Physical Product.

Chubbers Holders will be able to stake their NFT and earn $CHUBBY. $CHUBBY later will be used for something big

Fan art NFT collection
We would like to give every artist a chance to join the NFT world. So We will host a fan art challenge and the top artists that are voted by our community will be invited to create a collection with Chubbers team where 100% of the royalties from secondary sale will be rewarded to the artists.

We will partner with other big upcoming projects and as a holder of Chubbers you will have the advantage to mint before everyone else.

Surprise for Holders
We are aiming to under promise and over deliver – we have loads of wonderful plans & ideas for the direction we will go to. Stay tuned, additional details to be announced.



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