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Deck of Dark Dreams is a limited edition CNFT-project in both digital and physical form, living on the Cardano blockchain.

Where dark dreams meet reality, this collectible art-project is an ever-evolving work in progress, where a tight-knit community will be able to participate in creating ideas, characters and the continuation of the universe.

Set in a dystopian and chaotic universe exploring the darkest depths of the human experience, the main theme focuses on human shapes and figures in different environments, each image depicting a named character with a unique story. Everything is confined within a set universe, where each character represent a part of the human psyche and experience.

The artworks play with fear and humour, in the recurring theme of strings/tendrils and often juxtaposing the names of the characters with their environment or appearance. The tendrils are a repeating element that can be found most pieces where dreams appear. They are catalysts, created by the Dreamshapers and Nightmares who set everything in motion. The tendrils are what shape the dream or emotions, they are the unwanted entities rooted deep within the human mind and thus represent the very thing we must fight in order to grow and become fuller versions of ourselves.

The images themselves are created using a combination of 3D-generated artwork, post processing and manual digital painting, giving the pieces an organic feel. A large amount of time and effort is put into each piece, combined with over 20 years of experience from digital image creation, animation and audio design.



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