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We are Degen Dino orb Society, DDoS. Our Degen Dinos are born with mecha bodies and are the overlords of Ancient Times and Web 3.0. There are 3210 Dinos. There are many positions in our spaceship. They grant you different minting chance in Tier 1 & Tier 2(WL Wallet Registration is now live, join our discord and register!). Our aim is to conquer the Cardano universe. We recruit our army every week and attack other projects on Saturdays. We design for different levels of difficulty and missions for the army. Our community can report in the spaceship and earn rewards. Would you like to join our army? Jump into our spaceship, we always welcome.

➤ Mint Time: October 16th
Tier 1: 1 PM UTC(OG)
Tier 2: 3 PM UTC(WL)
Tier 3: 4 PM UTC(Public)



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