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About the project

This series explores the strangeness and wonder of one of quantum physics’ most famous experiments.

The Double Slit Experiment throws into question the prevailing mainstream viewpoint, that we live in an objective and “material” universe, and hints at the possibility of consciousness playing a fundamental role in how our “physical” world is manifested. In other words, we, as conscious entities, could be a more central part in the nature and meaning of the universe than we might think.

The main baffling characteristic of the experiment is that when light is shone through two narrow slits, it sometimes behaves like a wave, and sometime like a particle. I have tried to reflect this theme in the design of the NFTs, where the waves turn into particles, which then spell out a message above.

I am a single artist, just creating for fun, and produced all 618 images individually for this series myself. I hope you enjoy.



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