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Getaways is a story driven 3D and interactive puzzle NFT ecosystem. Each NFT can be interacted within your wallet (some more than others). There are 3 types of NFTs that make up the Getaways universe: – Wildlife – Artifacts (Puzzle) – Islands Each type will have different attributes and provide different enhancements to the Getaways ecosystem, especially when pertaining to individual and communal voyages. The Praying Mantis will be the next mint. Unlike most NFT collections, there will not be one main mint. We mint collections in small batches as the Getaways storyline progresses & as puzzles are solved. This will open new areas of Getaways, ultimately resulting in the full universe being minted. Additionally, the world of Getaways will scale and expand with the story, and will naturally reward the people joining early by giving them opportunity to get WL and/or own rarer assets before mainstream attention hits the project. If you have missed a mint, you have the chance to participate in the storyline for the next one and/or purchase the missed asset on the secondary. There is a policy-ID for each NFT type. We have already released our “Handbook” (our creative take on a whitepaper). It is best viewed on desktop on our website found in #🔎official-links in our Discord. Good luck on your journey of discovery!



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