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JPG Junkies are a collection of 6000 NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) that are made up of over 150 unique traits designed by Digital Pencil. Hand drawn Junkies includes many unique one-of-ones as well as homages to the top NFT projects in the space. The JPG Junkies ecosystem is just beginning but will grow to THE premier NFT Lifestyle brand. As the NFT market grows and reaches the mainstream, the JPG Junkies brand will also expand right alongside it as we move to a Web3 world. Look out for exclusive access to the hottest merchandise, products and events. In fact, we’ve already secured SEVERAL Cardano blue-chip NFT’s for that purpose. Owning a JPG Junkie allows you to fiend out on Cardano while spreading nothing but good vibes! Are you itching to join one of the most Exclusive NFT Communities on Cardano?!



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