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Leather has been with us forever, and is associated with skilled work, art, and protection. Leather is Luxury, always has been. Our NFTs are handcrafted to honor this relationship we have with the medium. This is your chance to own a beautiful piece of workmanship, each one unique, and carrying their own range of benefits in our society. Additionally, most pro sports from basketball, football, rugby, baseball, hockey and soccer all traditionally use gear made from genuine leather whether it’s the ball itself, or shoes and gloves, leather has been a key element of the sporting world since time immemorial. Best of all, our leather is guaranteed 100% cruelty free. You can let your conscience rest easy minting our NFTs knowing the only ones who will suffer in the process are our artists. Time of drop is for the OG/WL role holders. Public is at 6pm UTC/11am PST.



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