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People and Their Stories Mental health | Art | People | Compassion | Community

We believe that everyone has a powerful story to tell and we will create books based on real-life stories Mental Health stories, will be a book made from personal sharings from more than 50 people compiled into a book published in both real-life and in NFT space Artists Life, a book that will be made by compiling many different artists sharing, life, emotion, feelings, art, passion and more into a book These are the first 2 books we will be working on but beyond this we will keep working on the core idea People and their stories

Creating a SaaS Tool in the Niche of Mental Health is one of the main goals we will be working towards

We got more exciting things that we will be doing but the core would have an amazing healthy community like a family with similar passions and interests This is a project that will go on forever built on the core principles of sustainability, meaningfulness, community, and providing value.



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