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A playful Cardano NFT collection designed to inspire unity, innovation and happiness where holders will have a voice in the direction they want to see the project go in the future.Roadmap: Underpromise and Overdeliver 🐶 Release 3,333 playful Scruffies onto the Cardano blockchain. We have 202 traits for a collection of 3,333 NFTs. This leaves us with 458,243,500 (yes, we know that’s a large number) potential trait combinations, meaning every Scruffy will feel unique and the story behind each will be limitless. 🐶 Community favourite project collaborations. We will seek to collaborate (in a range of exciting manners) with the Scruffies community’s most favoured projects not just on the Cardano blockchain, but on others too. 🐶 Exclusive Scruffies Merchandise and Collectables. Holders will have the opportunity to get their hands on merchandise and collectables such as clothing, rugs and posters. 🐶 Future Collections. Who said the name ‘Scruffies’ refers to just a dog? Scruffies holders will be given benefits towards all future collections. — No, we are not promising any metaverse integration or P2E games, but instead, we have a focus on building the Scruffies brand, expanding the team, letting you have a voice in the direction you want to see the project go, and welcoming any exciting opportunities that may present themselves!



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