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Space Otter Society is the interactive adventure of 3750 Otters escaping their war-torn planet in search of a new home amongst the stars!
We firmly believe that art, utility, and community are king – and have created our project based upon these three pillars.
In addition to unique and high quality art, we boast a vast utility ecosystem to bring maximum value to our holders. We later intend to produce the best animated NFTs on Cardano!
Come see why we are so excited to launch into Otter Space.

👉 Staking. Unique and fully customized staking to earn $SHELLS!
👉 Storefront. Buy CNFTs, discounts for future mints/collab mints, ADA and more with $SHELLS!
👉 Professions. Five professions each with unique utility unlocked for the holder!
👉 Missions. Community and lore-based interactive events with big rewards!
👉 Much, much more!



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