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The Collector’s Club was formed with the intention of creating the best possible project in all aspects, whether that be art, utility, business values, long term sustainability, we have it covered.
The most important thing a business can focus on is long term sustainability. That is why at The Collector’s Club, we are building things today that will last a lifetime.

As we move forward on our journey we adapt, we change, and we grow. But we never lose sight of our 3 pillars.

The 3 pillars of The Collector’s Club.

Pillar 1: Quality art.

TCC has and always will have a massive focus on quality artwork and high standards. If it’s not the best it can be, we don’t want it.
Our character art is done by Comolo, an Indonesian artist with over 10 years experience. He is exceptionally talented with a pen on paper.
With over 400 traits all hand drawn we strive to deliver the best possible art the Cardano NFT space has ever seen.

Pillar 2: Lore and story telling.

Lore and story telling has always been one of my favourite things to read when first discovering a project, you can really tell who’s passionate, and who is not. That’s why I’ve dedicated hours and hours to write immersive stories to guide us through our journey.
We have a few stories already written, and we have more coming.

Pillar 3: Community and team.

Our community and team at TCC is one of the most, if not THE most important thing we can focus on. For without a quality team, you will not create a quality product, and without a quality product, you cannot expect a community to stick around for long.
To ensure quality and innovation we have constructed our team with some of the brightest minds in their respective fields.
Our community has also been organically grown, and while it is small today, it is also strong. We will look back on this and laugh as the OG’s of one of the best project this space has seen.

Checkout The Collector’s Club website here:



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