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1111 Whitelist 3x per wallet 1111 public 1x per wallet MICEFIA is a unique NFT collection of 4444 3D artworks.

Our citizens will be a part of this adventure with their MICEFIA identity and will take part in the Parmesan City story. Our story was leaked with 6 trailers. A great story event where only community members can interact and solve the puzzle will be waiting for MICEFIA owners after the mint process. Our offerings to the community don’t end there! with Matte-Studio, the famous game studio that has received more than 16 million downloads in total, we have started our development on the game where we plan to spend time with NFT owners and win prizes. However, in every city, things run on money. For this reason, our NFT holders will be eligible to earn CHEESE tokens by staking. The CHEESE token will be used in the distribution of community pool and in the reward system. Become a part of the unique MICEFIA created on the Cardano blockchain with JPGstore launchpad.



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