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About the project

Magicverse is a project full of magical collections on the Cardano blockchain,
specializing in passive income and giving back to the community. We are proud to be
100% community driven and allow our members to have a say in every aspect of the
– Doxxed team
– Utilities within the metaverse + in real life
– Community driven
– Passive income

Brief history of Magicverse
You guys have these sweet wizards; how have I never heard of Magicverse?! Turns
out, there is a pretty good chance you have! Magicverse was formerly known as The
Wizards. After minting the wizards and the wizards 3D, the former team decided they
no longer wanted to be part of the project. With this, ownership changed hands and a
new team was put into place! After a long magical battle known as Trent & Flaco vs.
Prof of NFT Scams, Magicverse emerged victoriously and immediately began making
some changes, based on input from loyal members/holders of the project. After voting
on a name change, Magicverse became the winner and here we are today!



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