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A community of business owners, programmers, investors, and artists known as Walking Apes CNFT is a pioneer in the web 3 ecosystem. Together, we want to build one of the WEB3 network’s most innovative and growth-oriented DAOs. You will be taken in hand by experts recognized in their field, focus on social skill, dating, building a good lifestyle, investment, business and analysis but especially the possibility to ask your questions on a private channel and during the lives The narrative started on Wall Street and ended in Web 3 space. We appreciate you @everyone being a part of this historic journey’s commencement.



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SpeedThrone is a P2E racing game a part of a gaming company called OrionEunix, based in Sweden.

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World Cup AOW

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This body of work illustrates the diversity of humanity and the melting pot of cultures that make up South Africa, the Rainbow Nation.

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Crayon Crew is a nostalgic art collection of 7,777.77 (we ripped one) NFTs. All of the assets in the collection have been hand drawn with crayons.

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