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Ownership of a We Are One NFT grants access to our expansive Utility Package: Total Community Owned Equity Available: [95% of Clothing Brand Profits] [50% of Secondary Sales] [10% of initial mint revenue to seed the WAO Fund] A 2D Solana We Are One NFT 🖼 Collection To unite and bridge the gap between blockchains as well as generate revenue for our holders and to capture more market share from another blockchain. These NFTs will be available for free to Stakers* (through the purchase of $wao), and available at public mint for $150. WL + Future Mint Discounts 📃 White-List and discounted mint to all future projects. Elite Chat⚡️ Access to an elite chat group, for networking and market research Exclusive Merchandise 🪀 Available to Holders, these items will feature in the form of limited drops. To purchase the items you must possess a WAO NFT at the time of the drop. $Unite Cardano Tokens 🪙 Granted through minting, as well as generously for staking. These Tokens will grant exclusive benefits and discounts Complete IP Property rights 📝 Creativity is extremely valuable to us and as such, we want our community to be able to use their NFTs for any purpose imaginable including commercialising your Someone Discounts for holders 💵 Discounts on physical and virtual art producers to allow our holders to display their Someone NFTs within their homes. Promotional marketplace 👥 This will be hosted to enable community members to advertise and sell their very own NFT artwork. Community Run Clothing Brand 👕 The executive (Team’s) stake will reduce to just 5% as the brand develops and holders stake their NFTs, this means up to 95% of the profits generated will be at the disposal of holders and stakers who posses voting rights and elective control for the brand. NFT Staking 📈 Staking Someone NFTs will function to reward holders monetarily for committing to our project with increased equity stakes to both secondary sales revenue as well as clothing brand revenues. There will be increasing rewards corresponding to the periods of staking; 1,3,6 or 12 month periods. RUG Insurance 🛡 This is to protect our community members from scams, all Holders who possess 5 Someone’s will receive up to 100 ADA of rug-pull protection per NFT rugged* The WAO Fund / Community Wallet 💰 10% of the public sales revenue will be used to seed this fund, with further commitments made relating to our staking system. The fund will be controlled by holders through Voting, If it is decided by a majority vote to liquidate the fund, investors will be returned their share. Holders Voting system 📢 This will be used to make crucial project decisions regarding direction, branding and functionality to ensure the project best suits our community of united holders. This system will reward both quantity held but also take into account our fashion index score. Future Metaverse Plans 🏘 We are in discussions with Industry-Leading Voxel Architects



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