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Weird Champions is a hand-drawn CNFT project set in the heroic fantasy universe.
We decided to start our first collection with one of the most emblematic races of this universe, the Trolls!
We named this collection Weird Trolls, it will include 5,888 unique hand-drawn NFTs randomly generated on the Cardano Blockchain with over 160 traits inspired by many pop culture references from World of Warcraft to Back to the Future and more. We have also created 10 Weird Troll Signature, those are NFT 1/1 with unique designs that will be available later after the sale
We are a group of friends, big fans of geek culture and the world of crypto-currencies who want to build a community around our passions.
To that end, we are focused on the development of a durable, long-term community for an integration to the metaverse.
We believe that Cardano will provide the best environment for NFT Metaverse and Gamefi in the long run.



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